Program Housing

2972d471f9210f2de41fd2f375d5567aHousing for this program participants is organized by the host company or by your sponsor. We ensure that housing is safe and affordable. Housing costs in the USA are not the same as in your home country. It can be expensive. We do our best to keep these costs as low as possible while still maintaining your safety in close proximity to your work place. Housing is in an apartment or dormitory style. There are many housing options you will be presented with upon your selection and assignment of your program.

Housing requires a deposit either in advance of arrival to the USA or immediately upon arrival to the USA. This is for many reasons: to reserve your room and bed and protect against damages and maintenance that may occur during your stay in the USA.

If you have an issue with your housing you should contact United Work and Travel at

We must verify and approve all housing changes within 10 days of your actual move in date.

While living in the United States, you are required to follow all federal, state and local laws along with the rules and regulations of United Work and Travel, a division of American Pool Enterprises, Inc. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the program.

Participants are expected to honor all housing commitments and respect all housing assignments for the duration of the program.