Become a UWT Host Company

Handshake_iStock_000000429897SmallBecoming a United Work and Travel host company is a wonderful cultural opportunity that you and your staff will never forget. Enrich your business with young professionals from over 40 countries by submitting a request to apply to become a United Work and Travel host company today!

Providing Internships and Training Experiences to young professionals from different cultures will benefit your company in many ways.

There is NO cost to your company for offering J-1 Internship or Trainee programs to one of our J-1 participants. However, there is a brief vetting and approval process that our friendly staff will gladly walk you through, step by step.


Our J-1 Internship and Trainee Programs are available for a period of six to 18 months for each participant. There are no set start and end dates. Participants must be provided with an internship or training program in a professional environment while improving their skills in their required field.

Participants must also be properly taxed and reported, and may not be paid in cash.

Please submit the form below and a team member will get back to you or feel free to email us at