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United Work and Travel, A Division of American Pool Enterprises, Inc. offers a true American culture experience for students and graduates from all over the world. Our exchange visitor program participants enjoy living in a friendly community in the United States while working for an American company, and learning the American way of life. We offer many different work and travel programs across the entire United States and we will help you find the perfect program that suits your needs for cultural exchange. United Work and Travel is the only organization of its kind. We have revolutionized the BridgeUSA Summer Work/ Travel experience for all international students worldwide. We have very close relationships with all of our host company employers and uphold constant communication and monitoring  with all program participants. For this reason we are confident that we can place all of our program participants in positions that they will love and truly gain the experience of a lifetime. The world-renowned staff at United Work and Travel has the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure that all of our cultural exchange programs create success for both the host company employer and the program participant.

Every exchange visitor program that we offer is specially created to help participants develop their the English language, appreciate American customs and experience a true American lifestyle while teaching their host company employers and American friends, the customs, cultures and traditions of their home country. At United Work and Travel, it is our pleasure and responsibility to create a wonderful learning experience for host company employers and participants alike. We live for what we do and are committed to offering and delivering the best cultural exchange program in the industry. United Work and Travel is a division of American Pool Enterprises, Inc.

United Work and Travel, A Division of American Pool Enterprises, Inc. was  designated by the U.S. Department of State for BridgeUSA Summer Work/Travel in 2003. We have been working alongside university students for over 20 years.

United Work and Travel, A Division of American Pool Enterprises, Inc., its host company employers, foreign partners and program participants are required to adhere to all rules and regulations set forth by the U.S. Department of State’s BridgeUSA Summer Work/Travel Program. Notwithstanding the May 11th, 2012 Interim Final Rule (IFR)  published to address the safety and well being of all BridgeUSA Summer Work/Travel program participants.                                         

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