The UWT Team

President of United Work and Travel

Kasey Simon – President

As Director of United Work and Travel’s J-1 Summer Work/Travel Program (now BridgeUSA), Mr. Simon oversees the operation and compliance of the J-1 Program.  In addition to managing the J-1 summer work/travel program staff, Mr. Simon regularly communicates with overseas partners to assess recruitment, documentation and screening of all applicants. He meets with U.S. embassies and consulates, organizes programs for all participants and travels abroad to screen and interview applicants, while also presenting program orientations worldwide.

As the responsible officer for the United Work and Travel -1 Summer Work/Travel Program, Mr. Simon makes site visits to host company employers to ensure that the program rules and regulations are being followed. Mr. Simon trains all sponsor staff in overseas safety, orientation guidelines and effective communication when dealing with international participants. Mr. Simon also overseas program support to ensure all participants are satisfied with their J-1 Summer work/travel program. Kasey Simon has been the President of United Work and Travel and Responsible Officer of the United Work and Travel J-1 Summer work/travel program since June 2003.

Program Coordinator

Lizzy Heinbauch – J-1 Program Director (ARO)

Mrs. Heinbauch is responsible for all aspects of over-site and disciplinary action with regards to program participants for Summer Work/Travel. Furthermore, Ms. Leland provides training and support to overseas partners and recruiters involved with the J-1 summer work/travel program. Ms. Leland maintains regular contact with all participants through weekly email updates, site visits, planned cultural events, and phone calls.

Both Ms. Leland and her field supervisors work very closely with all program participants to ensure their program success. Ms. Leland verifies that all required program documents are completed and signed and is also responsible for all program participant disciplinary action and SEVIS follow-up. Ms. Leland has been with our team since 2007, and full time since her graduation from the University of Massachusetts in 2009.

United Work and Travel Program Coordinator

Jennifer Bilenky – Program Manager (ARO): J-1 Summer Work/Travel

Ms. Bilenky assists with the management of our overseas partners and recruiters. She makes certain that they are in compliance; their students are properly screened and interviewed for their placements, assigned proper placements, makes sure all students are properly oriented, obtains arrival information from students and delivers this information to our staff and host company employers as needed.  Jennifer will also be working on student support, problem/resolution, and student follow up when we have active participants in country.

Jennifer will be working from the Owings Mills, MD location and has over 10 years of management experience in the service sector.


Barbora Pignatora – Program Manager:   J-1 Trainee & J-1 Intern Program

Ms. Pignatora manages all aspects of the J-1 Intern/Trainee Program. She communicates with all host companies and program participants to ensure complete success for all involved.

Further, Ms. Pignatora is responsible for processing participant paperwork, ensuring all documents are complete, and providing level I participant support to all UWT Programs. Ms. Pignatora completes weekly check in, housing, and student satisfaction reports and ensures all student participants are satisfied with their program.

Ms. Pignatora has been part of the UWT Team since 2010 and is based out of Buffalo, NY.


Anne Marie Conestabile –  Program Director

Ms. Conestabile is responsible for the recruitment and screening of partner host company employers and placements for the J-1 summer work/travel program participants. She currently manages and directs the United Work and Travel office in Ocean City, MD.  This location plays direct host to over 1,000 J-1 students on an annual basis.

Ms. Conestabile and her local staff have specialized in creating a special and wonderful experience for the program participants and host company employers under her area of management. Ms. Conestabile currently has over 15 years of experience with J-1 programs and is originally from upstate New York. She has been a member of the UWT Team since 2012.

United Work and Travel Compliance Director

Kimberly Maglin Esq. – Foreign Labor Attorney

Mrs. Maglin who is an active attorney by trade, manages our host company compliance, visa approval/denial tracking, and embassy communication.  Kimberly ensures that host company employers are seasonal, students are qualified, cultural events are being completed and documented, housing is set up and properly verified, student problems are being resolved, and that student issues are being addressed properly.

Kimberly will be focused on student related concerns only, allowing a direct line on communication and proper advocacy for all students.  Kimberly will work from the Owings Mills, MD location and has recently relocated to this area from Chicago, IL.

United Work and Travel

Brian Gannon – Senior Director of Alaska Programs and Legislative Affairs

Mr. Gannon is responsible for “Key Account” relationships including but not limited to the “America Works” Program, and the H2B Alaska Program. He offers program legislative guidance and assistance, performs site visits, and adds a layer of quality assurance to all UWT H2B programs.  Mr. Gannon’s wealth of industry knowledge helps better the experience of both the program participant and the host company, regardless of the program that they are participating.

Mr. Gannon has over 15 years of experience with these types of programs and is based of out of Lakeside, Montana.

Allyson at United Work and Travel

Allyson Dubin – Host Company/Summer Work/Travel Program Support

Ms. Dubin is responsible for processing and verifying host company employer paperwork, ensuring all documents are complete and in compliance with program regulations. Furthermore, Ms. Dubin provides Level 1 participant support when needed. She also facilitates specific organized arrival instructions with each host company employer to ensure proper arrival location, date and time for all J-1 summer work/travel participants.

Ms. Dubin helps to organize program cultural events for all program participants in the United States and has been part of the UWT Team since 2008 . She has a background in education and is based out of the office in Owings Mills, MD

Christy with United Work and Travel

Christy Faske – Regional Manager

Mrs. Faske is responsible for host company employer placements and support of all J-1 summer work/travel host company employers in her specified areas of management.  Mrs. Faske facilitates weekly contact with the employers and students to ensure all contact information is valid, supports the ongoing monitoring of our program participants, and assists with any questions or concerns. Furthermore, Mrs. Faske is focused on ensuring that all host company employers remain in strict compliance with J-1 Program Regulations.

Mrs. Faske is based out of San Antonio, Texas and has been part of the UWT Team since 2013. Mrs. Faske has over 10  years of experience with J-1 Programs.