Hear firsthand about the enriching experiences other United Work and Travel program participants have had in the United States. Read the following testimonials and get an idea of the kind of memorable adventures and life-changing experiences United Work and Travel offers its participants.


“I gained better confidence and assertiveness. And for that, I am so Proud! Seeing the variance of different cultures is priceless. I guess this travel program served its best purpose. To make us better person, the better Filipino students when we come back. For this, I will be forever thankful.”  – Nova, Philippines

"I guess this travel program served its best purpose." Nova, Philippines

Is very gratifying to participate in a Summer Work and travel, this is a wonderful experience where you work, learn, know and you become a stronger person and more rewarding is to wave your flag in a foreign country with your #DominicanTeam.

2015 Seacrets Team from DR

The 2015 Seacrets Team from DR











They say that you cannot come here and become rich in few months. Well, they are all wrong. After this experience I’m richer than ever. With all those people that I’ve met, and all those friendships that I’ve made, I definitely can say I’m rich. And full with long lasting memories too. All those sunsets and sunrises, every party, every trip and visiting another cities with breathtaking views will be written deeply in my memory.

Slavica, Macedonia

I’ve met people that I could barely imagine I’ll ever meet, earned skills and improved the old ones I had, learned new languages and taught mine too. Went to places, I’d never been, looked out for myself and for others as well. I’ve learned the value of a hug, of a good friend and a sincerely smile.

Kennys, Dominican Republic

Traveling and working in the United States was one of the best experiences that I have ever had. It made me understand who I am and what I want to be in this life. There are not enough words to describe how it was and what I felt. I can say for sure that every student must go, at least once, to visit America. I will always remember this trip

Diana, Moldova

The whole experience gave me a different perspective on life and culture in America, and I absolutely fell in love with the state of California. I think this event in my life was the catalyst for many more positive ones to come in the future. Thanks again for all of your help. I’ll never forget it and it will serve as an important piece to the puzzle of my future success.

Hui, China

In the end I’d like to tell THANK YOU!!!!!!! I saw Grand Canyon, Niagara  Falls, Statue of Liberty! I was in Universal amusement park! I lived, talk, work with with very polite, friendly, smily and kind american people and I think it’s superb! Thank you for this chance to test myself. Two years ago I can’t imagine, that I can live in unknown country, but I did it! It was very useful experience.

Nadezda, Russia

“I spent a wonderful summer in the U.S. and in this way I want to say thank you for the support and opportunities created for students”

Igor, Moldova

Hi Allyson Dubin

I just want to take  this opportunity to say a big thank you to you and your team for giving this great experience during the summer to work in united states of American. I appropriate every moment of it. I have absolutely no regret of being apart of the work and travel program for the summer. This could not be a success without you and your hard working team. keep up the good work.

Carol, Jamaica

Thank you so much Jason! It was really nice to meet you too, i loved this summer and I can’t wait to go back over there.

Actually I’m working and going to school here in Santo Domingo but my mind is still in OC, it was the best experience of my life, so I hope to see you next summer 😉

Katherine, Dominican Republic

I think it was a wonderful experience that helped me a lot in my professional and personal growth

Denisse, Mexico

I already miss you! I’ll be missing your both smile. I miss every person I met during this summer. It was a great summer thankfully to you. Thank you very much! :’-( (cannot stop a tear when remember you guys)))) You are amazing and gave a good life experience to all of us! Love you!

Marat, Russia (Re: McDonald's in Oklahoma)

“I have never done anything like this before. I love you, USA.”

Thanawat, Thailand

Dear Annemarie,
This is Olya from Christine’s house.  I just wanted to thank you for an amazing opportunity and a great summer.  This summer has helped me find myself and see new things that I would never get to experience without coming to the USA.  This program is very amazing because without it I would not be able to come to the USA.  I appreciate everything you have done for me and all of the students this summer.  Thank you for the opportunity to make new friends that I will have for a lifetime.  Thank you for setting me up with Christine she’s awesome. I will never forget her borscht and her kindness! Good luck this winter and I hope to see you in Ukraine!!

Olya, Ukraine

On behalf of all the cultural exchange students I would like to say thanks to the wonderful team that put this all together (Christmas July 25th). Some of us have never had a crazy thing as Christmas in July, but we are happy we could experience it this year with you all.

Thanks to the hardworking staff of the Holy Saviour Church, Work and Travel United and else where that have contributed in one way or another. This thought and kind jester has really blessed the heart of us students. Continue to light up the world of the students you come in contact with each year, have a bless one

Tameka, Jamaica

I could write lots of pages full of memories that connect me to this continent! I am happy that I choose to participate in this program – it opened for me the gate to a different world and I don’t regret the choice I’ve made. America was, is and will be a wonderful dream that doesn’t seem any more that difficult to achieve, as it may have been in the past, those of us that participated in this program are the living proof that this dream can be possible.

Vlad, Romania

There were some frustrations on the beginning while living with people with principles and customs quite different from mine, besides the various accents difficult to understand. Moreover, I had such funny moments. For example, witnessing a bunch of Koreans trying to eat Brazilian barbecue without using a knife (which is quite impossible) and trying some Portuguese words. It was funny too when Americans and other people of different nationalities doing the same surprise expression when I said I was from Brazil – as if I was saying I was from the moon – and they tried to continue the conversation with a few Portuguese words, like “samba” and “Carnaval”.

I worked hard, was tired, cried, smiled a lot and it was a lot of mixed and intense feelings I changed my way of thinking about a lot of things and ended a lot of prejudices. Now I can tell I miss every single rap, each crowded bus, every day with a very blue sky and each person who made me think about something – making me a better person.

Mariana, Brazil

Thank you with all of my heart – you guys were part of my best summer.

Nelson, Ecuador

I’m happy and want to tell everybody who helped me to be here. Thank you very, very much!! I know my program period is slowly coming to the end, and in a few weeks I’ll have to go back home. But I do have some weeks to travel and see USA. Also, I’ve a possibility to write to you, to tell thank you very much for everything you’ve done for me. I really appreciate it!! You know, I’m convinced that everything is possible in this world – I came to USA (my dream came true) and 2 months ago I sent message to the Governor of California – few weeks ago I’ve got letter from Arnold Schwarzenegger and a big picture with an autograph!

Yevhen, Ukraine

How memorable America is. I made friends there – experienced a different culture. I am so surprised how kind American people are when I get to know them. It’s a real life for me. It’s attractive, not because of the fascinating entertainment, it’s the liberty and rule of laws. I appreciate that I had a chance to work there and experience a wonderful life in the U.S.A…

Yu-Jou, Taiwan

Let me commend this organization for the remarkable job that you have been doing. This program has brought significant changes to many college students lives. It’s a very noble venture, keep it up.

Kerene, Jamaica

I worked at firehouse,food service. Those days was my best memories in my mind. Six flags is the best work place in the world, because i have learned more about how to live a life, hard work, persistence, enthusiasm and the most important is to try.i really loved working with my american friends. I enjoyed everything at six flags,so even now i will be happy when i think of it.

Xianchen, China