Overseas Partners

United Work and Travel Partners

Along with our full-time year round and seasonal support staff, United Work and Travel has a tightly woven support group throughout the entire world. We currently recruiting students from over 40 countries. We are constantly looking to expand this network and add new members to our international network of qualified third party agents.

Strategic overseas partners support our team and all participants through the entire recruitment process – this includes helping us with placement for students from Brazil to Taiwan.

Our overseas recruiting partners conduct a detailed screening and interview process and a pre-USA orientation for all program participants. Any interested family and friends who wish to attend are also welcome.

All Partners are required to be verified by United Work and Travel, a Division of American Pool Enterprises, Inc. and must provide the following:

    • Valid Business License (With English Translation)
    • Disclosure of any previous bankruptcy or pending legal action.
    • Three written references from current business partners or associates.
    • Summary of previous J-1 experience.
    • Copy of notarized financial statement within the past 180 days.
    • Criminal background verification for all company owners and officers
    • Copies and sponsor approval of all program advertising materials with English translations BEFORE they are released to the public.
If you are qualified and interested in becoming a United Work and Travel Overseas Partner, please print out and fax back this Partner Information Form or email Mr. Ivan Milojic at IMilojic@unitedworkandtravel.com.