Current Participants

Arrival Check In:
You are required to check in with United Work and Travel within 72 hours of arrival to the U.S. We will not accept voicemail or email check ins. We need to update your status in SEVIS and activate your health insurance. This will not happen unless you check in for your program by contacting United Work and Travel, Inc. a division of American Pool Enterprises, Inc. by logging onto your student account  at and clicking on the “Check In” tab or if you do not have access to the internet, you may check in by calling the office and speaking to a UWT Team Member at (410) 581-7788, Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm (EST). If you do not know your password please contact our office – DO NOT create a new application.

Monthly Check In (REQUIRED):
As a J-1 Summer Work/Travel participant, you are required to check in with your sponsor every thirty (30) days. This can be done by calling the main office during business hours, going to and clicking program check in or by signing a site visit document from a UWT team member when we are on a site visit at either your host company employer or your housing locations.

For example, if you are in the USA for a four-month period, you would need to check in upon arrival to the USA and then check in with your sponsor three additional times (every 30 days) throughout the course of your program. 

Program Insurance:
United Work and Travel, Inc. a division of American Pool Enterprises, Inc. provides basic medical insurance coverage to all J-1 program participants for a period of up to four months (full length of your DS 2019 Form). In order for a participant’s insurance to be activated, he/she must successfully check in upon arrival in the USA.

You will receive a detailed explanation of your insurance coverage and an insurance card with your visa document package. Please bring this information with you to the USA. If you do not receive this information, please contact your home country agent immediately.

Coverage Guidelines:

  • Toll free emergency phone number 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Online or telephone provider search
  • Hospital bills, doctors, medical services rendered by specialists, x-rays, laboratory tests payable up to the maximum amount per occurrence, less your deductibles and co-insurance, subject to policy exclusions and limitations
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation Benefit
  • Repatriation of Remains Benefit
  • Co-payments for all prescription drugs
  • Dental care necessitated by accident or injury and for alleviation of pain
  • Please see insurance packet for detailed information regarding specific benefit maximums, deductibles and co-insurance amounts, as well as policy exclusions and limitations

Cultural Exchange:
The J-1 Summer Work/Travel program is a cultural exchange program. APEI encourages you to participate in as many cultural exchange opportunities as possible throughout the course of your program. Throughout the course of your program UWT will provide you with opportunities and ideas for experiencing American culture.

Feel free to review and attend some of the Top Cultural Events going on across the USA at this time! There is always an event near your location.

Safety and Legal Tips:
Stay Safe: Stay out of unsafe and dark areas. Do not walk anywhere alone at night!
Stay Legal: Understand the laws of the U.S. Drugs, shoplifting, drinking under the age of 21, driving under the influence of alcohol are all illegal and can lead to your arrest, getting fired and could end your J-1 Program.
Bicycle Safety: Many participants walk or bike to and from work. This is a good, affordable option but it can be dangerous when walking near highways and roads where there are cars.


  • Always wear a helmet while on a bike.
  • Always look both ways before crossing a street. Make sure to cross only when it is the pedestrian’s turn.
  • It is normal to walk at night due to work schedules, but walking at night with a friend is best!
  • If you ride a bike at night, be sure your bike has proper reflectors so that car traffic can see you!

Emergency Evacuation Plan:

Unfortunately, even in the USA we are not exempt from dangerous weather or devastating situations. Should your area come in line with a major storm, weather event, act of god, or act of terrorism, please follow our Emergency Evacuation Plan for your specific area. Emergency Evacuation Plans will be posted on this website and on our Facebook ( page as needed and updated accordingly throughout any major event.