Why UWT?

United Work and Travel, a division of American Pool Enterprises, Inc. is a leader in J-1 programs across the world. International program participants bring an outstanding work ethic and cultural exchange to any place of business. They truly enrich any work environment by promoting cultural diversity.

Additionally, United Work and Travel’s screening process has been carefully developed to ensure that you, the host company employer, receive quality student participants who will make a positive contribution to your organization and the surrounding community.

We provide a detailed interview and screening process, both overseas and USA orientations and local coordinators across the USA to answer any questions or to alleviate any concerns that both host company employers and program participants may have during the course of their program.

As the host company employer, you will receive a login and password (www.myuwt.com) in order for us to provide you access to our live online portal for around-the-clock, real-time updates about your program participants. This portal will deliver information such as name, gender, date of birth, passport country, arrival information, visa status and also include a resume with a photo of each participant.

Employer Testimonials

The professionalism and customer intimacy United Work and Travel provides has created a seamless relationship not only for Six Flags Great Adventure, but also for the students we recruit and hire.  We look forward to continuing our current relationship with United Work and Travel and cannot wait to create more work and travel experiences for future students.

Jayson Maxwell
Director of Administration
Six Flags Great Adventure

If you are interested in establishing a parternship, please submit a request via our employer contact form.